Why should you Change Your Diet?

Why Change Your Diet?


So why change your diet?

There are actually countless reasons to put in the effort here. As we’ve just learned; our bodies are literally made from what we eat. That means that
the more good, clean food we eat, the more healthy and powerful we look!

Of course that means more lean muscle but it also means better skin, hair and nails. And whiter eyes…

Moreover though, the more nutritious food you eat – and the less rubbish – the better everything will function. The biggest causes of death by far are
preventable progressive diseases and many of these could be counteracted with the right diet. If you eat right, you’ll be less at risk of just
about every serious health problem under the sun and your life expectancy will be significantly increased.

What’s more is that the food you eat will also contribute to the way you feel on a day-to-day basis. If you eat the right diet then you can expect to have
higher energy levels, a better mood and even a higher IQ. You’ll have better energy efficiency and this will allow you to concentrate better, to see
further, to think faster and to perform better in athletics.

In short, a good diet makes you better in every way. And when you’re better, you perform better and life gets better.

Still not convinced this is worth the time and effort? Then consider the impact it can have on your family. If you eat right, then this will help your
family to improve their health too as they’ll likely eat what you eat.

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding this becomes an even more important factor, as the food you consume will now directly be also consumed by your

And if you’re considering having food soon, then your diet can change your gene expression which means that what you eat now could affect the heath
of your children years later…

The Good News

And here is the (more) good news. Eating well doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, eating well can be incredibly simple when you know how!

The problem is that there are so many different diets out there and there’s so much conflicting advice. One minute you’re being told that fats are bad
for you, the next minute you’re being told to dump whole chunks of butter into your coffee! Some people tell you that the calories you consume are
the only thing that matter for weight loss; while others say that different calories affect you differently.

Lots of new ideas and new research have been introduced over the years which have altered the way we look at dieting. While some of this has been
very useful, it has also muddied the waters somewhat as people interested in getting started with nutrition often no longer know where to begin.

This research is often looking at new and exciting ways to burn fat faster, or the impacts of specific nutrients though. In some cases, it is looking at
minute differences between different food groups or even times of eating…

In other words?

This is advanced stuff. And it doesn’t actually need to worry you until you get to the point where you’re already in great shape and
you’re looking to push your performance to the absolute max.

For the regular beginner, none of this information is necessary or relevant – it only complicates matters. We already know the basics. We know how to
take any given person and help them build more muscle, burn more fat and feel healthier.

And actually, the way they go about this couldn’t be simpler. The best way to eat clean and improve your health across the board is something that
should come incredibly intuitively and that seems incredibly obvious when you understand it.

Here, you’ll learn what a healthy diet really should look like and precisely how this impacts on your body. What’s more though, is that you’ll
also learn how to introduce that diet in a simple way that’s easy and enjoyable to stick to and that anyone can use!

And when you can do that, you will literally be rebuilding your entire biology from the ground up. Get ready to change!

What You Will Learn

To summarise, here’s what you will learn from us:

• How to lose weight by cutting calories

• The role of carbohydrates and fats in your diet

• The importance of nutrient density

• The key nutrients that will improve your looks, your brain power and your lifespan!

• How different diets such as the Paleo Diet and Mediterranean Diet work (and where they go wrong)

• How to avoid hunger pangs and cravings

• How to cook/prepare delicious and healthy:

• Breakfasts

• Lunches

• Dinners

• How to save time in the kitchen and fit cooking into your lifestyle

• How to improve energy levels and have more time and enthusiasm for your food

• How to dine out without ruining your diet

And MUCH more!



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